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My 1st 3 days and nights-night of the 12th-morning of the 15

Here is the start of my blog!
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first night and flight
The flight to BKK was 15 hours to Hongkong and then 2.5 hours from HK to BKK. The view form the plane window was amazing the whole way- we where chasing the sun so it was a bright sun set withthe north star out for the majority of the time. Flying over china was very cool because i could see the lights of the cities and towns bellow since it was night. I could barly sleep on the flight-not comfy enough, so it was like staying up all night and needless to say i was so exhausted when i arived at the Shanti Lodge at 1 AM. I felt very strange when I arived, perhaps because I realized that I was is ASIA at the begining of a long adventure into the unknown- a bit unnerving! I couldn't really sleep so I stayed up and went to a night food stall across the street and got some unknown soup from a tinny toothless elderly asian man. The food stall was set up on the back of his truck. I evetually got tired and woke up the next morning at 8:30 or so.

First day-13th
I went out onto the patio of the shanti lodge for some breakfast-poridge with coconut milk and banana, very very tasty. Thankfully it didn't take long to meet someone, Ben who is french,friendly and trustworthy. I talked about Dave to see if it made him uncomfortable (it didn't)-a great way to see if a guy has pure intentions!
I bought some Thai cloths because I came with only my pajamas on and a casual dress. A light purple haulter top with some dark purple loose fitting pants and a purple purse-i love purple. I walked around the area and there was mostly alot of food stalls selling cooked or raw food. There was an area that consited of mainly of buckets of live fishes,mini turtles and water snakes. As I walked around I discovered that the Thai men certainly love to see a farang (foreinger) woman as I was on the recieving end of many stares and a number of aproving words,winks and nods! I went to get a hair cut at Siam Squar where the gigantic malls are, I took a tuk-tuk to get there. It was was over priced but the novelty experince was worth it. Then I went to a night bazzar at five or so, there where what seemd like a hundred stalls set up in a squar shape with rows inside it as well. I got my mediation cloths and Aylas to be baby a thai baby dress which is absolutly adorable. As I walked by each stall owner would say somthing to the extent of "you! I have something very nice for you, you like it!". After the bazaar I went to the Mui Thai kicking boxing stadium beside the bazaar and met Ben there to see the fights of the night. We had second row floor seats and the fights where great. They begin with an exotic preperation dance which looks somewhat like they are doing a native preyer dance for the gods. They played Thai intrumental music when the men where fighting. Some where as young as 12. The five or so floor rows where mainly farang and the inclining 15 or more back rows where locals who where betting and madly cheering everytime their chosen fighter would throw a good knee or punch. Two fighters had to be carried out on strechers, one was competly unconsious! When we returned to the lodge I was intending to go out to the patio to shar some thai food with some thais who where there that ben and I met but I went to my dorm bed, lay down for a second and slept until 3 in the morning whne I woke up suddenly remeberingthat I had ment to call Dave and ma at four their time. Thankfully I had done the time conversion wrong and it was not four their time for another 3 hours or so. I went back to sleep after talking to katy on the computer for half an hour (i couldn't find my phone card). At the end of that day I felt very grateful to have met a good friend and had some good thailand expericnes so soon as I was aprehensive the night I arived about this type of thing.

Second day-14th

I woke up very late this day- catching up! When I went onto the patio for breakfast I met Boris who is german and then after his friend Timo, his from home travel friend. Ben met them too and we all desided to go to see the ping pong show in the patpong district which is like the red light district of BKK. Ben and I got talking and we are going to atempt to buy a motorcycleto take it up to chaing mai and see some sights along the way. There are alot of hopes to jump through to do this but it is more than worht it for the pure adventure of a motorcycle road trip. We went around town gathering information, it took a few hours to find a good map of thailand and we ended up getting and atlass style map as it included a detailed maps of all of the towns and cities. I called Dave to talk to him and ask him how he felt about that because I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that if it bothered him. Of course he is amazingly understanding and said that he feels that I have to seise all the oppoutunities that I can while I am here and that so long as my intuition was truly on about Ben being trustworthy that it didn't both him. I am so lucky to have such a great man!
That night after I had a nap-jet lagged big time- Boris, Timo, Joe (a fellow from New Zeland who wa staying at the Shanti also), Gun (a wonderful and friendly Thai woman who works at the lodge), Ben and I all went to see a ping pong show. Of course I bought a new Thai dress for the occation :). So hopefully this is not distubing to anyone what I am about to explain. A ping pong show is a show where Thai lady strippers um shoot things out of their crotchs. Yes for real. They shoot bananas at the crowd, pop baloons with darts, and shoot many other things out of there. I got hit with a banana in the arm, a ping pong ball to the chest. They also blow party horns (yup-with their crotchs too)- I was summond to blow the horn before the performer put it in herself. When they where shoot the ping pong balls there was a chair nearer tothe front that you could sit in and try to hit the balls with a pattle. The people I was with pushed me up there and I got "thrown" about 7 balls and I hit a few. I had alot of tiquila before hand. We left in the middle of the show because we all got bored of the novelty and wanted to eat and go dance somewhere. We walked threw the main street where there are open style street strip bars- there where alot fo Thai men strippers too! We all shared a taxi to go to Kaosan Road to get some grub and dance and get more drunk. Gun was a trooper as she had to work at 7:30 the next morning! The club was a loud techno rave style club where you where ment to wear a glow stick braclet that indicated if you where single and looking, not looking but you can try, taken dont bother or gay. I was dancing without one on so Gun put a green one on me (looking is what it means) but of course I was not looking, I just didn't bother to take it off. That was until a drugged out looking dude aproached me (as I was dancing) with his green wrist band extended to a stick and stared at me in the most bazar way and began poking me in the chest with his stick and finger motioning me to him. I laughed histerically at him (maybe a bit mean but I was drunk) and took off the wrist band! The guys went out to smoke (but you could smoke in the club) and Gun and I went onto the stage (it called for me again-shambala flash back haha!). Joe and I think Boris too eventualy came back in and we danced until the club closed at about 4 am. We all caught a tuk tuk home- it was extreemly packed-they only hold about two maybe three small people! Back at the lodge we stayed outside across the street sitting on a bench and the curb talking about Hitler and the second world war. Kind of a strang topic if your drunk but it was interesting! Apparently the German people in school are taught to be ashamed about the Haulicaust. We all eventually went back to the lodge after finishing a giant bucket of red bull, whisky and soda.

The Third Day

That is today. I woke up with a nice collection of asorted itchy big bites to add to my already existing collection. I got some good tiger balm and a cold water bottle to cool down the bites. Now I am going to have some breakfast with Ben, Boris and Timo. I think tongiht I will have to buy a fake international motorcycle licence. Today I guess Ben and I will see if we can pull the things toether to do the motorcycle road trip to Chaing Mai. Hopfully it works!

I hope everyone enjoyed reading the details of my first few days here!

It takes a million years to upload photos on the computer here so I think I may have to shwo them when I am doen traveling! Too bad because there are some good ones but I dont have patience to do it at this time!

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