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Ko Tao, Ko Pangdrunk, bindi dots, the full moon party....

I left off last on this blog with an hour before heading off to Ko Tao, on Kohsan raod.
My trip down to Ko Tao was the usual long sleepless bus ride but this time with a boat transfer. I finally landed at SBC Resort where I was t share a room with annd and jevan the next day at 10. As it was annas birthday, she was out getting a massage so it was jevans arms that i flew into when i arived. I was estatically happy to be there and see them, I almost wept! I swapted stories with jevan for an hour or so until Anna showed up and then we predictably screamed and jumped around hugging and kissing faces like mad women. That night we went out for annas birthday to a sushi bar and then to a 'Castle Party' with Cynthia and Megan, our school friends. The resturants in Ko Tao are all quite classy and beautiful and dam expensive too! As we sipped wine and ate sushi we recounted more stories and talked about home and friends. The castle party was a huge farang (forienger) party held in an outside multi-level club which played techno and remixed dance tunes. We got suitably smashed, sharring buckets of sangsong whisky on the dance floor until 2 AM. The next five days there it was delightfully scorching hott and we took up the routine of lying on the pristine white sand beaches durring the day, after getting some hung over breakfast. On the main beach, where we stayed, the water is shallow for a long time so the sun heats the water. We did intervals of scorching in the sun and wadding in the water, grabbing at the smooth wet sand. One night we went dancing at the Lotus bar which is on the beach and has a fire spinner to add to the ambiance. Another night it was the Lady Caboray, which is like a vegas dance show but with all lady boys! They are so enthusiastic and they stand at the 7 11 corner prior to the nightly show, all dressed up, to promote the show.
Soon we decided t head off to Ko Pangan, ariving April 1st. This island is insane, it is a party island all through the year, teeming with skankily dressed drunken farangs. The main beach is where the party usually is, with the beach side bars setting up mats for everyone to sit on. The Drop In Bar on the far right side attracted a corwd with its dancing vibe and platforms to dance on. As you leave Drop In and walk down the beach there is a row of thrity or so alchol bucket sellers. As you wakl by them, each of them yells "I LOVE YOU! YOUR BEAUTIFUL! COME HERE! CHEAP CHEAAAAAAAAAAP FOR YOU!!". Most of the have common western names on them like Jonny, Sally...and one had Anna! Most of them contain the word Fuck somewhere in their advertisments too. In fact on just said " Here Fuck Bucket" on the front of their stand. They all also give you a plastic ring with a rose made out of a straw and a flower necklace. Past the line of bucket sellers you soon reach Cactus Bar which also collect alot of people on their beach mats. Here they always have firespinners for you to become entranced with. At this bar they frequently played Kings of Leons Sex on Fire song. It is a great relaxed party mood song and everyone knows the words and I only become less impressed with the song after the 20th time it played. Up from the beach is the main road and Chicken Corner, which is a corner that people congregate at and three of the corners have the word chicken in their store name. The towns main area is not too impressive, mostly convienient with pharmacies, 7 11's, food and clothing stores.
We stayed at Leela Bungalows, on the sunset beach, which is a fifteen minute walk away from the main beach of Hadrin. The beach was calm an not over populated and the open air style resturant at the bungalows was tasty and reativly cheap. Anna, Jevan and I shared a tinny room with two beds and torn mosquito nets. It was cheap cheap and convienient.
We stayed until the morning of the 10th and the whole time was a complete drunken mess. On the first night we went to the main beach to Cactus bar and sat outside on the mats with their tinny tables for the partygoesers drinks. We watched the fore spinners in usual awe- they are so good at throwing flaming sticks around in an artful way all the while not burning themselves. We met our permanent bucket lady. We chose her because her stand said Anna on it and she gave the cheapest, yet nastiest tasting buckets around. She knew us by name and when we would be trying to find Megan and Cynthia she was our messenger.
One night we went to the Coral Bungalows Pool Party, a largly advertised and popular pool party at a hotel/resort. I can rightfully say that I have never ever been so drunk. I had a headache and took two extra strength tylonals just before we started to drink. I had forgoten that taking pain killers 'enhances' the effects of alchohol but boy oh boy did i find out. I did have a fantastic time while I was still aware fo what was going on, and I asume that I was having a good time during the times I draw a blank on. We were not planning on swimming in the pool because we assumed it would be grungy but around 1AM we decided to go in. It was quite fun to swim around in the pool and I seemed to not notice the urine, spilled drinks, dirt and cigarette ashs that I was later told definatly accumilate int he pool as the party gets intot he wee hours of the night. We went with two guy friends from our guest house, Marcel and James. Both of these men were older but acted young and Anna, Jevan and I had been trying to figure out how old they were. The question of their ages came up and apparently I was claiming you could tell how old they were by their thinning, greying and receeding hair. The next morning when I woke up my leg felt really itchy. I reach down to scratch it and discovered that my leg was in fact itchy because the length of the front of my calf was covered with long surface cuts! I greatly amused Anna and Jevan when I asked what happened and they explained to me what happened. Apparently we were walking home and were in a forested area walking down cement stairs without side railings. I was to the side of these stairs on the dirt path and simply fell head over heels and stopped after a role because Jevan grabbed leg and I landed head facing downhill, on my back. I must have dragged my leg through a bush. Then a few minutes later I needed to take of my wet bathing suit bottoms from under my dress so I or Anna ordered the guys to walk ahead. After I got them off successfully I fell right onto my face and got a bloody nose! I started screaming or crying and the guys looked back to my hands and face full of blood. Wow. They got TP and water from the nearest 7 11 and cleaned me up. Thankfully I didn't knock one of my teeth out! I certainly (and perhaps greatfully) didnt remeber any of these embarrasing incidents. Maybe alchohol is designed that way. When you get so drunk that it will be very painfully embarrasing to clearly rememebr, that is when the 'black outs' happen! The next day I went to the doctor because I wanted to make sure the cuts were OK. He gave me a tentnus shot, cleaned my cut and took a blood test. Apparently I had an infection from the cuts so I had to take antibiotics also. This all cost 4000 baht, about $150! Thankfully my insurance will cover it.
Another,er, memorable nights was the night we drank magic mushroom shakes. There is a place that is on the cliff on the farthest left side of Hadrin beach that sells magic mushroom shakes. Anna, Jevan, Jessica and I went to this place one night to endulge in these shakes. We got quite floored by them and decided to walk back to the crowd of people and trip out on the weird people after sitting around flying at the shroom shake place for a while. As soon as we started walking back and were on the beach, peaking on the shakes, a huge thuindering tropical rain storm over took us! At first it was just raining hard but then it started to really pick up and it was like buckets of water being thrown at you constatnly. Of course the shakes made this all quiet unreal; I was walking with Jevan and we were hysterically laughing and kept saying "is this really HAPPENING?! HAHA!" We knew it was infact happening but it is was too unreal for us at the time. I am laughing alot right now remebering how bizar it seemed. We managed to get to some auning cover on a side street ad stayed there until the rain let up. Poor Jessica, it was her first time on these magical shakes. We eventually slugged home in the flooded streets, getting rather lost a number of times.
The following nights I think we went out and drank and danced till late almost every night leading up to the full moon party on the 9th. As we continued to party and dance for so many night I grew tired of it so I took it easy the few nights before the full moon.
The full moon was a huge crazy party, as anyone would asume it would be. I heard there was 5000 people on the beach but I also heard anything up to 10,000. The beach was decked out with DJ's at every bar, stages and decorations. There was a masive set up with the words Full Moon Party created with cotton and then lit on fire. I would say that it was quite similar to the other nights of dancing on the beach other than the extras I mentioned above and that everyone was super pumped and there to egt down, dance and have a good time. It was raining early in the night as it had been for the majority of the other days and some nights. We, and everyone else there decided to say screw it and go out anyways and just get drenched. Anna and I wore bathing suits, me with a sarong skirt and anna with a purple fairy like skirt. Anna had bought bindi dots in India so we put them on our eyes, three on each side going outwards and two where the actual bindi goes, on the forehead. A few other people at the party had a bit of a costum going on too and lots of people wore bathing suits. The rain let up eventually and then it really got going. We were dancing with Cynthia, Megan, Dano, a Dutch and Marcel in a really packed area and Anna, Jevan and Marcel took off to get something. Some raging coke drunk guy got angry at Dano and started wailing on him and Megan and Cynthia tried to defend him. I though that the guy was going to hurt so I tried to pul them out of the the mess too but they didnt want to be pulled out so I got my slef out of the escalting situation. I wentto an elevated area to see if I could find my departed friend but no one was anywhere to be seen so I took off by myself and went to dance at my favorite place- a stage with enough room to move around. I love dancing on stages at parties like this, it enables you to see the crowd and you get a whole different view on everyone. So I danced on this stage without my friends, but of course I was not alone and quickly made firend with the other stage dancers. For a while I ignored all the people around me, paid attention only to the ocean and visable moon, wholly feeling the nature of the place. It was my most memorable and enjoyed 30 minutes of dancing in my dancing days so far, I can clearly remember what it felt like. I evetually left and thankfully, miraculously, ran into Anna, Jevan, Marcel and the Swiss gal. The night ended around 4:30 AM and we all happliy stumbled back to Leela Bungalows.
The next morning we caught the taxi to the ferry at 12 to head to the main land and bus it up to Bangkok, landing at 5 AM. I stayed there on Ko San for just that day and left for Chiang Mai, where I am now, that night.
(ps check out annas facebook account for pictures)

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